The Holidays Are Among Us..

Well it’s exactly 9 days until Christmas. I have finally finished all of the shopping, now just have to finish the wrapping- why can’t they make toy boxes easy? Like say, normal shaped boxes that look pretty once wrapped? But no, they have to make it difficult, and ugly. I tried my best. At least my kids are young and won’t care what it looks like- OK maybe I’m a little OCD. This blogging thing is new to me, I just thought I would try it out. I love to write, I am actually changing my major to communications, I would like to one day be a photo journalist (cross fingers). So maybe I will be bad at it, maybe I will be good at it, who knows. Frankly I don’t care, it’s something to do to keep my mind off of the stress of being a single mom of 2 little ones, a full time student at Wright State Univ, and working full time as well. So here goes nothing! wire-wreath


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