Home Sweet Home, Updates 1…

Interior Design is my first love. I was an Interior Design student for a while, and like most college students I felt like I wasn’t getting enough out of it, so I changed my major to Communications.  I still love interior as a hobby, and plan to decorate as a side business one day when I’m all grown up. (Peter Pan said never grow up … That’s probably what I will do).  I just recently moved into a new house, It’s really cute, a place I can call my own and decorate how I want. I had to start over and buy most of my furniture brand new.. It will take a lot of time and money I know to make it exactly what I want, but here is a few pictures of the progress I’ve made so far on the house.



This picture and candles hangs above my living room TV.



I turned an old coat key hook into a necklace holder in my bathroom.


ImageIkea table, both sides lift up to make it a 4-6 seat table. Possibly my favorite purchase yet. The chairs are also Ikea, are $24 a piece and can hold a great amount of weight.



My work space, both desk and chair from Ikea. I love the white, it looks so clean and matched just about every mood I’m in before working.


The collage hanging on the wall was made from DIY instagram prints, the custom frame I had made at Hobby Lobby, and I did all the gluing myself.


The main bathroom is almost complete. I love the shower curtain, I purchased it for $10 on sale at Urban Outfitters. It really sets the mood for the rest of the bathroom.

ImageMy bed and side table. The gray table is from Ikea, it is the $12 lack table. I plan to buy 2 of the cedar colored ones to make a custom head board.

Right now I am sleeping on a Queen Air Mattress, that should hopefully change after the holidays. I am really picky about my bedroom and just haven’t found a bed frame that really calls to me. 🙂

ImageMy favorite birthday present ever. My best friend Adam gave me this record player, along with my favorite Beatles album, Abbey Road. I love it. I got the Record Rack from Urban Outfitters, Its a teal color, you can’t really tell from the photo.

I have got to get a better camera. The Iphone just isn’t working.


And last but not least, the kitchen. Not much needed to be done here, the walls were already painted red. So I just went with it and most of the accessories are black, white or red. With the exception of my kitchen rug, I loved the blue,and it had red in it, so I thought what the hell. 






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