Christmas 2013 was a success!

Well, the Holiday Season is almost at it’s end, and all I can say is good riddance 2013! I am excited for all the new things to come in 2014, I am going to get my life back on track and keep it that way… Cross your fingers. Anywho, Christmas was a blast this year, me and the kids went to my grandmas in Cincinnati on Christmas Eve and then opened presents at home in the morning once Santa came 😀 Here are some of the better pictures I got..



My mom and Nana holding one of the twins, here name is Storm. I don’t have any of the boy Zoltan though.. Hmmm.



The kids were hilarious, they are all getting so big!


This was the first time these two met each other, they were sizing each other up

😀 hehe


And lastly, me and the kids, this was the BEST out of about 15 shots. They just don’t sit still!Image


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