Jaxson’s Room re-do..

So my son just turned 2, and for as long as I can remember he has been in a toddler bed, he climbed VERY early, it was scary. The first time he fell out of his crib, I was terrified, what do I do? Will he stay in bed? Will he just tear up everything in his room? Well, I panicked and called my parents. My dad suggested I take off one side of his crib, to make it a toddler bed, so if he did fall it wouldn’t be too far down. So I took EVERYTHING out of his room except for the bed. Literally, everything. He had nothing to get into, nothing to tear up, and I could sleep a little easier. Well now that its been almost a year and he is old enough to understand that bed time is for sleeping and sleeping only, I want to redo his room. Here are the items and ideas I have for his “big boy” room.



This bed from Ikea is a twin, yes he is only 2, but I think as long as the bed is still low to the ground, it’s the same thing. He will feel more like a big boy and like going to bed, he loves his sister’s twin bed. I like the Ikea flat mattresses, so the bed doesn’t get too high, defeating the purpose. And it’s only $99 to boot! Score.



This dresser is also from Ikea, it’s a little more pricey at $299, but along with the twin bed frame, should last my son well into high school, and if he’s lucky I may even let him take it to college with him 😉


I know I want to do dinosaurs, he loves them right now. But I can’t decide on which bedding to get. I like the second one, but the first one is about $30 cheaper… We will see I guess when the time comes. I’ll see what the budget allows.

His room is already painted a light blue, so I’ll probably paint some Ikea white panel curtains with blue and red strips. 


That’s all I got so far, I’ll keep updating with pictures as I complete his room! 


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