I dream about redecorating my master bed room, all. day. long.  Browsing the interwebs I find myself wanting so many different things! Here are some of the ideas i have.. Slowly but surely my room will come together.

Gold Wallpaper, but just a hint, not overwhelming. And only on one wall. Other 2 walls will be another color, TBD. Right now my room’s walls are an eggplant purple, I may leave them.

pinball-gold-self-adhesive-wallpaper I love gold accents, I would hang necklaces on this little guy.  I’m trying to talk my friends who hunt into getting me some real antlers, but since that probably won’t happen, this will do!



I love love love books. This CB2 storage chest is amazing, gotta love the Novogratz!!




i want 2 of these book shelves. I wouls put them on either side of my bed and side tables. Jsut the right place for my Interior Design books, I have so many! I would also want a red one for the living room. Ikea, I love it.




I like this idea to take a letter and put black and white pictures all over it. I would like to do my whole first name, since it’s only 5 letters, M-A-R-I-A. Not sure where I would put them yet, I have hand drawn Owl cards from a friend to frame and put above my bed. So for now I will just leave this one a mystery.



This is the bed I’m going to get in January. It’s the Ikea Brimes storage bed and storage headboard. I love all the storage! My house is kind of small, so the storage space is very limited. I don’t even have a walk in closet. :\





Simple white dresser. I went with an upright one to leave more empty space on either side of the dresser, for laundry baskets and what nots. My TV should fit nicely above it.




And finally, curtains. My room NEEDS curtains, the mornings come early, and that sun blinds me! Not sure about this color, but I like how subtle it is, and it would go great with all the lights and whites.






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